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Why Organic Cotton Underwear Is The Best Underwear For Working Out

When it comes to getting your best workout in, you choose the right leggings, shoes & equipment to maximize your performance and keep your body safe. So why wouldn’t you do the same with underwear? 



Organic Cotton Underwear is the best underwear for working out because…

+ Swass friendly – no chafing and minimal friction as it keeps things dry & cool

+ ZERO harsh chemicals – when things do get sweaty, you don’t have to worry about sensitive areas absorbing any harsh fabric chemicals

+ Breathable – organic cotton underwear is super lightweight and breathable, allowing you to avoid bacteria buildup or odor

+ No show! Get the coverage you want without showing the world your style beneath the leggings

So what REALLY is the best underwear to exercise in? Look for these crucial qualities to minimize sweat and odor while keeping you comfortable and safe.



The best underwear to workout in is the most breathable. When working up a sweat, moisture can become trapped, which cannot only start to smell but also lead to skin irritation or infection. 

Organic cotton underwear has exceptional breathability, and unlike synthetic fabrics, organic cotton allows air to circulate and keeps you cooler and dryer during intense workouts. It also promotes better hygiene by reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

No rubbing or chafing 

Running, biking, or jumping can cause chafing or rubbing in sensitive areas. Friction + moisture in the groin area is not a fun combo – plus can cause some issues for sensitive skin BECAUSE synthetic fabrics can hold harsh chemicals that are absorbed into your groin (or between the cheeks - swass, anyone?) and can cause irritations or reactions. 

Organic cotton underwear is naturally hypoallergenic and non-toxic, making it gentle on all skin types. By opting for this lightweight, toxin-free fabric, gym-goers can minimize the risk of skin irritation, rashes, and other discomforts.


Jump around all you want. When it comes to the best underwear for working out, a fabric that can withstand movement and friction is crucial – organic cotton is known for durability because of the strength of cotton fibers. Underwear that contains harsh chemical treatments (like nylon or polyester) can actually weaken over time due to fabric integrity, causing it to lose shape or produce holes.

Organic cotton allows you to get performance and long term value out of your underwear, even with repeat washing and rigorous workouts.

The Best Underwear Under Leggings

We’ve been there—when you have ultra-tight leggings and you can see every. Single. Seam. It's the worst! Organic cotton’s lightweight makeup allows you to get full protection without showing through. Our seams and lace are ultra cute but light enough to blend in without drawing attention or showing through your leggings. 

Our high rise thong is a favorite for keeping things extra secure in the tummy area, while our mid rise thong is the choice for those who want a barely there feel or if your leggings are not high rise.

The Best Thong For Exercise

Ultra light with a barely there feel, this organic cotton Mid Rise Thong keeps you dry and odor-free throughout your workout. Keep squatting, girl; this one won’t show.

The Best Brief For Exercise

Do you prefer a brief underwear style when working out? We get it! Our organic cotton Mid Rise Briefs are a bit cheeky, so you won’t get awkward granny lines under leggings but cute, cheeky ones—because we ALL wear underwear… so who cares, too? Plus, they’re still insanely breathable.

The Best Coverage For Exercise

Want to cover the cheeks and really avoid swass? The organic cotton High Rise Boyshort is a great option to cover it all without collecting sweat. AND if you have any cellulite insecurity, these are perfect to add another layer between the leggings and your body.



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