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The Best Underwear For Dealing With Discharge

Look for underwear with a long gusset, breathable material & suitable for sensitive skin.

Discharge is normal.

It happens every day and sometimes in the most inconvenient of situations. But let’s be honest - we’ve all had that underwear that seems to make it so. much. worse. When it comes to underwear, the choices we make are about style but also about comfort and body safety. Organic cotton underwear has been the best underwear for discharge for many reasons - and you don’t need to sacrifice style or sexiness to keep discharge to a minimum...

So why is it the best option?

Organic cotton is incredibly breathable

While discharge is normal, sometimes an excess can be your vagina “crying for help”. This can often happen when it’s in an uncomfortable environment that’s causing irritation or heat. Fabrics that aren’t breathable can create moist/damp environments (that can breed bacteria) that set your vagina off screaming (figuratively). Proper airflow is crucial for maintaining vaginal health, and organic cotton excels in promoting breathability. 

The natural fibers allow air to circulate freely and avoid excess discharge. When you DO get discharge, it allows it to absorb and keep your vulva cool and clean (and helps avoid odor).


Like we said above, organic cotton is absorbent to help manage discharge. Synthetic materials often use chemicals for moisture-wicking, which sits on the fabric close to your vagina and can agitate things further. 

Great for sensitive skin

A major benefit of organic cotton underwear is how gentle it is on sensitive skin. Unlike conventional cotton, which is often treated with harsh chemicals during production, organic cotton is grown without pesticides or fertilizers (and is never sprayed during the actual production of the garment). You can rest easy knowing your vagina won’t have any nasty chemicals near it, which can often cause even more discharge. 

Super Soft

We’re just going to say it - discharge can make things…well, crusty. When discharge dries on synthetic fabrics, it can cause things to bunch up and get a little crunchy down there. Organic cotton is ultra soft, and because it’s breathable and absorbs, helps you avoid that nasty feeling of dry discharge all day long. 

Go for the long gusset 

Longer gusset, more protection! La Coochie organic cotton underwear has a longer gusset than most other options for ultimate comfort and protection. This extra layer of fabric helps catch discharge and the longer length offers more protection over more area. It also helps prevent that discharge from leaking through your underwear and staining your clothes!

So, if you are looking for the best underwear to avoid more discharge or feel most comfortable when it comes to inevitable discharge, choose organic cotton underwear. La Coochie designs underwear with all things women’s health in mind - and this is exactly why we chose this specific fabric. It’s all about making the everyday things a whole lot easier & more comfortable while maintaining sexiness and confidence.


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