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The (Real Girl’s) Guide to High Rise Cotton Underwear: Comfort, Breathability, and Health Benefits

When it comes to underwear, comfort should be a priority (yes, we know…sexy is, too - which is we combined the two). So instead of watching countless TikToks hearing opinions about lace, silk, no underwear or cotton - we’ll cut right to it:

The best underwear fabric? Organic Cotton.

And because you’re already here, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions for you, too: 

Is Cotton the Best for Underwear?

Organic cotton has long been a favorite material for underwear, and for good reason. It's ultra soft, breathable, and gentle on the skin (especially in such a sensitive area), making it ideal for safe everyday wear. 

Cotton is a natural fiber, which means it allows air to circulate and helps to keep your vagina cool. This is particularly important for the sensitive skin in your vulva area as it prevents any sort of irritation and discomfort (yeah, we’re looking at you synthetics).

GOTS certified organic cotton is grown without synthetic pesticides, treated without harsh chemicals (formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, methylene, & many more) and produced in fair and safe working conditions. The best choice for our environment and workers. 

Does Cotton Underwear Cause Odor?

Nope! In fact, because organic cotton is breathable and helps absorb moisture to keep it away from the skin, it can actually help to prevent any odors.  Vaginal odor is often caused by bacteria that thrive in warm, moist environments (yes, sorry we used the word moist, but it’s the truth). By keeping the vulva area dry, cotton underwear can help to prevent the growth of these bacteria.  GOTS certification can also guarantee there are no chemicals or toxins in your fabrics, too, avoiding any strange reactions or smells from that.

Pro Tip: Did you know that synthetic panties can actually create even more moisture and odor? It all gets trapped, creating that not so wonderful smell & situation.

What Underwear Material is Best for Sweating?

You guessed it - cotton underwear. When it comes to sweating, breathable materials are the best choice. They’re designed to keep things cool and don't trap heat, helping to keep your coochie dry and comfortable - even during physical activity or those hot days. For high intense sports or sweating, try performance sweat-wicking undies (polyester or nylon), but we don't recommend it for regular-wear or light activity.

The Benefits of High Rise Cotton Underwear

Throw out those old visions of “granny panties’ and say hello to sexy high rise. 

High rise cotton underwear offers a number of benefits:

  • Absolute comfort & security: The high waist provides a sense of security and support, while the cotton material is soft and gentle on the skin. Our waistbands are always snug but never TOO tight.
  • Better vaginal health: The breathability of cotton helps to keep the vulva area dry, reducing the risk of yeast infections and irritation. 
  • Extra coverage: A longer gusset and even more protection during sensitive times, like during your period.
  • Style: High rise has made a major comeback in recent years. Whether it’s a brief or a thong, you don’t have to sacrifice sexy for comfort and vaginal health. 

Ready to find your new favorite underwear? Shop our best-selling high rise styles and fill your drawer with organic cotton underwear that keeps your coochie safe while you feel insanely sexy. 


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