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The Gusset, underwear’s best-kept secret accessory

How often do you let your vulva breathe?  Some of you maybe thinking, does she mean vagina?  Many people call this area the “vagina,” but they're really talking about the vulva.  Vaginas are really just one part of the vulva — the vulva has a lot more going on than just the vagina.  Have you ever wondered if your vulva is well ventilated considering she stays covered and in the dark for the majority of your life?  Unless, of course, perineum sunning is your thing, and if it is, no judgment here, but that’s another story.

La Coochie’s underwear, made of toxic-free organic cotton, can provide a cool and ventilated home for your vulva.  A cool and ventilated home is also an ideal living space leading to optimal v-health as it prevents moisture buildup which nobody wants because it leads to odor, yeast, UTI, and/or overall discomfort. 

And speaking of discomfort, ever wonder why that loose piece of fabric sits in the center of your underwear?  We have all thought about it, but no one ever talks about it.  Instead of talking about it, La Coochie did something about it.  Do you know what it is?

Tell me, what is it

It’s called a gusset or ‘pocket’.  A gusset is that strip of fabric in the center of your panties that you may or may not have given much thought to.  Some consider it a foreign term, but everyone is curious about it on laundry day.  What is it for? Some think it’s a functionless pocket.  While others think it’s ideal for storing cash or a pre-roll.  Rest assured, storage it is not.  The gusset is like the lungs for your underwear, allowing air to flow to and from your delicate lady parts.  Literally, a breath of fresh air if you will.

Thoughtfully Stitched

La Coochie's gusset is sewn down on both ends, where most brands keep the front edge loose. La Coochie’s designer has sewn it down for two reasons:

First, is comfort. We’ve all been there, in the cutest outfit ever, and are constantly bothered by that little slither of fabric in the center of our undies because after one wash that front edge is often curling up. Doing annoying things like bunching up and rubbing us in the wrong place. Not ok!

Secondly, cost. Yes, money. It's a premium sewing process included during La Coochie’s production process that most companies cut corners on unbeknownst to the consumer.


Size matters

La Coochie's gussets are longer than most brands which is more comfortable and most importantly it’s hygienic.  One of the gusset greatest asset is that it absorbs moisture which prevents odor, which prevents an awkward moment.   The vulva need to stay cool and dry in order to provide and sustain an optimal ecosystem.  So the next time that you’re scouting for sexy, sustainable organic cotton underwear, check the gussets because La Coochie has got your v-area covered.


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