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We know there’s always space in your drawer for cute undies, but what about safe undies? You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one over the other, and in 2021 we know you’ve got your eyes on materials, chemicals, and all of the above—especially when your coochie’s involved. And we don’t blame you, that’s why we started this brand after all. We were tired of the BS too. 

And yes, while the rest of the industry is working on being more transparent with their customers, that’s been our priority from day one. Tired of underwear that wears down easily, becomes uncomfortable, or just doesn’t feel great on your body? Same here! So, we made it our mission to design La Coochie with non-toxic fabrics with some of the world’s most renowned certifications. Ahead, learn more about why GOTS organic cotton and OEKO-TEX nylon are the foundation of our styles and why this is so important to us as a brand.

Let her breathe safely... 


What's GOTS Organic Cotton Anyway?

We’re proud to share that our underwear is made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS-certified) cotton. Now, what makes this different from other cotton underwear? Well, it’s better for both you and the planet. No, seriously, we’re keeping planet “her” in mind. So what’s the deal with this GOTS organic cotton stuff anyway? For starters, it’s made without toxic chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides. On the other hand, traditional cotton that’s found in way too many underwear is often sprayed with chemicals that are then soaked into it and the areas surrounding it. So, those chemicals are left to be absorbed and ingested by anyone around them. Yikes. GOTS organic cotton uses 71 percent less water and 62 percent less energy, making it a lot safer for the environment and farm workers. Because there are no pesticides and toxic chemicals involved, our cotton is especially safe for your skin, especially when it comes to down there. 


Okay, and what about Oeko-Tex Nylon?

Aside from being GOTS-certified, our mesh fabric is also Oeko-Tex approved. By using Oeko-tex nylon, we’re labeled for using textiles that are tested against harmful chemicals and substances. This more so refers to how our nylon is processed before making it onto our garments, specifically when it comes to dyes and finishes. It’s important for our customers to know that this certification is completely voluntary, and it allows us to maintain our mission of being 100 percent transparent with anyone who wears our underwear. Oeko-tex certifications are reviewed every single year, so you can rest assured that this will always be up to date.


The Bottom Line: Our underwear is made with zero junk—period. It’s breathable and comfortable enough for you to wear all day long, whether that’s sitting at your desk as you WFH, stepping out for a girls’ night, or on a hot date. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your vaginal health for the sake of cute undies, ever, and that’s why La Coochie is here to solve it all. 


So, what is the difference between certified organic and non-certified cotton? Click here to read our blog about their environmental differences... you'll be shocked.



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