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What are the most comfortable thongs?


We’ve all been there: sacrificed comfort because we wanted sexy. Put up with scratchy lace and cutting straps for “sex appeal” or for the “right vibes”. There’s just something so wrong about a rough string between the cheeks – why subject yourself to that discomfort?!

La Coochie high-waisted and mid rise organic cotton thongs are extremely comfortable thongs for a few different reasons (and we won’t make you sacrifice sexiness, because if AI can create fake celebrity videos, then why can’t we have something as simple as comfortable, soft, nontoxic SEXY underwear?!)

Lightweight & soft

We’re just going to come right out and say it - haven’t you experienced that weird itchy or sensitive feeling at some point during the day when you wear certain thongs?! Either the lace is too itchy, or the string is too thick, or the fabric is just not right…the list goes on, really. 

Organic cotton is incredibly soft and gentle, so your most sensitive areas aren’t agitated or uncomfortable. The thong piece is built to be subtle and thin without cutting into the skin or “getting lost”. The mesh and lace are lightweight, flexible & ultra-soft so you can still have style without scratching. Our fabrics are certified GOTS & Oeko-Tex – read more about it here.

Thoughtfully designed for style & fit

We created two different everyday organic cotton thongs for different outfit types and overall preferences!  

The High Rise / High Waisted Thong

La Coochie Organic cotton high rise high waisted thong in blush pink nude

This one is for more coverage, sitting softly right below the belly button. It covers your tummy (or I like to call it “the pouch”) with a sofer thicker band and without elastic in the waistband, so you never have a muffin top or feel like your underwear is cutting in (even after inhaling the biggest plate of pasta on your period).

*This style is our founder's favorite (don’t tell the others), and she says it feels like a loving hug every time she puts it on. 


The Mid Rise Thong

La Coochie Mid Rise Thong Organic Cotton in Blush Pink Nude
This is for a barely there feel. This lightweight design falls below the belly button (or below the “pouch”) and has a contoured waistband to follow your natural curves while avoiding that “frumpy feeling”. The high-cut leg makes the sides feel like they’re nonexistent as it merges into the comfy thong back. The high-cut and curved waistband allows you to wear this style as high on your hips to accommodate your body or style. 

Longer Gusset

A lot of other thongs sacrifice gusset space because of sewing cost, poor fit design, or if the style would be visually affected. All La Coochie underwear have a longer gusset than most competitors to keep you protected. Our gusset is sewn down, so it will never curl up after the wash, bunch up, and affect the overall sleek look of the design. Plus you’ll have double organic cotton protection to help absorb moisture and allow breathability throughout any kind of activity so you can stay dry, comfortable & active.

So what about La Coochie vs seamless?

We know alllll about those seamless packs you can get on a certain major retail website. While we love a seamless look, that underwear requires a specific fabric to achieve that raw hem – and that fabric is often synthetic. Synthetic fabrics can contain harsh chemicals (which then sit near your most sensitive areas) and can cause irritation and long-term discomfort. 

La Coochie’s comfortable thongs are designed to be as barely there as possible without sacrificing overall body safety and comfort. Non-toxic and chemical-free is crucial for overall health and comfort if you wear thongs daily. 


what makes these thongs some of the most comfortable undies you’ll ever wear?


A comfortable everyday thong should have:
+ Non-elastic waistband that’s still secure (without ever cutting in or giving a muffin top)
+ Lightweight & ultra-soft organic cotton (for breathability and a barely-there feel - especially between the cheeks) 
+ Designed to fit real women's curves for comfort and style
+ Longer gusset for protection and health 
+ GOTS organic cotton for zero harsh chemicals and non-toxic everyday wear

    So, if you’re looking to find an everyday thong that’s extremely comfortable - try out our high rise and mid rise underwear styles. See which one is your favorite!

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