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Is 100% Cotton Underwear REALLY better?


We know – the question that’s been on your mind for years. What you think about when you wake up each day…

Is 100% cotton underwear REALLY that much better? 

Does that 5% of another fabric make a difference? 

What SHOULD my underwear be made of?

Your choice of underwear material might not seem like a significant decision, but for those who prioritize comfort, breathability, and skin sensitivity, choosing between 100% cotton and a blended mix becomes quite important. Don’t worry, we’ll break it all down:

The allure of 100% Cotton:

Cotton is a natural and breathable fabric that’s incredibly soft, making it a great every day choice for both health and comfort.

For individuals with sensitive skin, 100% cotton underwear can be a game-changer. This natural fabric is known for its breathability and hypoallergenic properties, making it ideal for those prone to irritation. Cotton allows air to circulate freely, reducing the risk of moisture buildup and potential bacterial growth. We’re not surprised that people hear “100% cotton” and think that has to be the best option!


The issue with 100% Cotton:

Cotton is not as strong as synthetic materials like nylon or spandex, which can cause it to lose shape over time. Not ideal when you need to keep your underwear up and around your waist. 

It’s not actually more sustainable… There’s also a big misconception that 100% cotton underwear is inherently more sustainable or “better”...because 100% HAS to be better, right? Well, while the fabric is natural and biodegradable - brands typically have to add synthetic elastic trim in the leg or waistbands to offset the fact that it loses its shape or hold. Unfortunately, this tends to negate the original sustainability advantage since it’s adding extra materials and production steps.

And it’s not always more comfortable…

Elastic bands can also cause discomfort and pinching, creating the ‘muffin top’ look or adding unwanted lines beneath tighter clothes. While the intention behind 100% cotton underwear sounds good, ultimately, it can lead to more problems for the wearer and the environment overall.


Ok, so a blend is better?

Brands like us want to give you the best of both worlds. The sustainability, comfort & natural aspects of cotton but without the added materials like elastic bands. That’s where our 95% organic cotton + 5% elastane blend comes in. Having a small amount of elastane helps the underwear maintain its shape and stay in place without elastic waistbands or thighs, giving you a snug but extremely comfortable fit that never digs in or loses its shape over time. 

Adding even the smallest % of elastane can help with the durability of the underwear without compromising the safety or softness of the garment. The combination ensures the underwear can remain ultra soft and comfortable while retaining its shape and withstanding daily wear and wash. 

With an organic cotton + elastane blend, you’re also maintaining the safety and sustainability factors. Organic cotton is natural and never sprayed with pesticides, formaldehyde or other chemicals like regular cotton can be during production. Organic cotton underwear has ZERO harsh chemicals and is a fantastic option for sensitive skin, even with the 5% elastane mix. It also uses less water, making it a safer and more sustainable production process for the environment.


What does La Coochie use?

Our team has been around the block when it comes to designing underwear - we’ve seen it all. Our designers spend a lot of time identifying the pros and cons of underwear fabric makeup and the balance between comfort, safety, sexiness & practicality. We create our underwear with 95% GOTS-certified organic cotton + 5% elastane makeup to ensure your underwear will keep your coochie safe from harsh chemicals or irritations but not lose its shape. We stray away from elastic bands (unless the style needs it!) because we know how uncomfortable they can be - especially after a long day, a big meal, or to accommodate different body shapes. Because most of our styles don’t have elastic waistbands, our fabric needs to stretch and bounce back to hug your body – creating an ultra-soft “morphing” environment to keep you comfortable and happy all day, every day.


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