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Best Undies to Wear Under Skirts and Dresses

If you’ve ever been wearing a dress on a breezy day, worried about your skirt hiking up when you sit down or always feeling conscious that someone can see up when you’re walking upstairs… this one’s for you.

So, what should you wear under your dress for the best security & coverage? Most will say biker shorts or spandex shorts, but those can be bulky, show lines & generally feel uncomfortable. Not to mention, if it’s a tight dress, another added layer on top of your underwear can ruin a sleek look. If they’re tight-fitting spandex, you may also run into a muffin top or a cutting-in feeling at the waist. We created organic cotton high rise boxers to offer a two-in-one solution – ultra-comfortable underwear and slim-fitting shorts in one. 

Our organic cotton fabric is lightweight & breathable, eliminating lines or a ‘thick layer feeling’ under your dress. It allows everything to breathe while still offering protection with a perfect length that’s mini skirt friendly (without poking out the bottom of your dress or skirt). After too many years of feeling nervous that our dresses would blow up in a breeze or remembering to cross our legs in a skirt, we decided to take things a little further with our women’s boxer to make it the perfect choice without any of the worry.

Zero Chafing

Organic cotton is an incredibly soft and light fabric. It helps absorb moisture so things don’t get sweaty between the thighs, allowing you to avoid chafing. And, you’ll have a comfortable protective barrier that comes down right where you need it to in order to stop any kind of chub rub. 

Coverage & Additional Warmth    (Hello, Fall nights) 

Sometimes regular underwear just doesn’t feel like enough coverage under a dress. There’s something that’s just a little unnerving about feeling a cold breeze on your butt cheeks when wearing a skirt or dress on a cool day. Our organic cotton boxers provide full coverage under skirts or dresses without feeling bulky or showing lines. Don’t worry about how you sit, walk upstairs, or have a Marilyn moment with these biker short alternatives. 

Extra Feminine Details 

Spandex shorts or biker shorts are great for a lot of things, but we wanted the perfect under-the-skirt shorts to be truly built for the occasion without sacrificing style. The high rise organic cotton boxer has…

– No seam down the middle (so zero camel toe) providing ultimate comfort.

 No side seams on these shorts so you’ll always have a seamless & smooth look under your skirt or dress (even if they’re a tighter fit).

 Feminine lace on the thighs offers a sexy and feminine touch - so if that breeze does kick your skirt up, these boxers are shown with style. 


So, let’s compare - biker shorts vs. boxers for your under dress needs

Biker Shorts:

Bulky, not breathable for all-day wear, could contain harsh chemicals (depending on the fabric), doesn’t always protect from chafing, can dig in at the waist & has a plain design.

Organic Cotton High Rise Boxer:

Ultra lightweight & breathable fabric, toxic-free material to keep your coochie safe, anti-chafing, sleek with minimal seams, anti-muffin top, designed to be sexy & practical.


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