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About Us


La Coochie is a collection of everyday sexy underwear that is better for your body, especially your coochie. Why? Simple. Regular cotton is toxic because it is full of chlorine, carcinogens, and other chemicals. We use certified GOTS organic cotton, which has none of those harsh chemicals.

La Coochie Organic GOTS Cotton Underwear Female Founder Caroline


We’ve pioneered the idea of everyday cotton underwear with modern silhouettes. We offer unparalleled designs using thoughtful feminine details and sustainable materials. We don’t think you should compromise your style for comfort or quality for price. That is why we have created a new standard of cotton underwear that is not only safe for your body but sexy enough to get caught in.

We’ve partnered with sustainable fabric mills to develop our certified toxic-free fabrics. Our factories are regularly audited and certified with safe working conditions for their employees. Each style and size is fit and measured against real women of all shapes. And because we don't believe in boring, we add feminine and sexy details… hello leg trimmed high-leg.


Your coochie is one of the most absorptive organs of the body. Certified organic cotton is free of toxic chemicals like chlorine, formaldehyde, carcinogens, and other harsh chemicals. Cotton is naturally breathable and helps prevent yeast, vaginal, and bladder infections.

Our cotton fabric is certified with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which is the highest standard in the world, while having a low impact on the environment. Organically grown cotton saves vasts amounts of water and is grown without harmful toxic insecticides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

The GOTS supports organic cotton farmers and producers by providing and guaranteeing living wages and humane treatment of their factory employees.


Cotton underwear. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Comfortable. Breathable. But also, basic. Low-hip old-school silhouettes. Not sexy, right?

Our founder, Caroline was blown away that she couldn’t find cotton (forget organic) underwear that wasn’t boring and unflattering. We, women, want to feel confident, sexy and empowered when we get dressed. Wellness for your coochie doesn’t have to compromise sexy. So, she created La Coochie.

In a world where we are using organic toxic-free tampons, why aren’t we wearing organic toxic-free underwear? La Coochie uses safe-for-your-body fabrics that come from a sustainable supply chain. After all, we are women who can have it all.

Using her background as a Lingerie Designer, Caroline created the most comfortable, high-quality, and flattering underwear.