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The 2023 Guide to Women’s Moisture Wicking Underwear


Moisture wicking underwear can help you avoid these vaginal problems…

Whether you know it or not, a lot of underwear brands out there are created with A LOT of different material makeups which can impact sweat, breathability & smell - spandex, merino wool, organic cotton, the list goes on. Fabric can significantly impact your comfort and your health, and moisture wicking is a crucial function when it comes to keeping your vagina healthy. 

So if you’re ready to avoid yeast infections & funky odors, you may want to choose your underwear fabric carefully. 

First of all, what the hell is underwear wicking?

Much like your favorite sports gear, underwear wicking acts similarly - it pulls moisture (sweat) away from your skin to the outer surface of the material, where it can evaporate, keeping your crotch area dry and comfortable. It also reduces the risk of chafing, irritation & yes, yeast infections. Fabrics that are most moisture wicking are typically spandex, wool, bamboo & polyester.

Alright, let’s talk yeast infections. What’s the best underwear to prevent them?

Yeast infections thrive in moist, warm environments, which is why the type of undies you wear can play a big role in preventing them. When there’s sweat and moisture trapped in the crotch area and sits for a few hours, it’s creating a prime environment for infection. Your underwear fabric should EITHER wick that moisture away OR allow air to circulate and absorb moisture (and keep sweat away), keeping your vulva dry and as a result, less susceptible to yeast infections. While organic cotton isn’t as moisture wicking, it’s often recommended due to how breathable, comfortable & eco friendly it is. 

OK, but what if I get sweaty a lot down there?

That’s ok & totally normal! Make sure to be conscious about the fabrics you wear on an everyday basis, especially on hotter days. Organic cotton is not only really breathable (making you less likely to sweat as much) but also absorbent, so sweat doesn’t sit around and get smelly. We’d suggest also considering organic cotton boxers to help with any thigh chafing you may experience due to sweat.

OK, so you found a fabric - now choose your style. 

Every underwear style has its benefits, especially when it comes to safety. Choose organic cotton styles with a longer gusset (preferably sewn down) for extra protection and better overall absorption. 

If you’re partial to thongs, definitely make sure you check your fabrics as it’ll be up and in more sensitive areas. Organic cotton not only helps with sweat (swass, anyone?) but is also non-toxic and chemical free for the most sensitive areas. 

And finally, if you live in a hot area - the coverage of a boxer is fantastic for avoiding chafing and also protecting you when wearing dresses or skirts. 

Ready to make some healthy choices for your vagina?

Fill your top drawer with organic cotton styles that’ll help keep you protected from yeast infections, chemicals, and feeling sweaty. 


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